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Groups scenes are unique experiences that we offer. From what I understand, I am the only one in the Seattle area offering this unique experience. Group scenes feature me in charge of creating the experience for you and then at least 2 other people join in. (If it is just 2 people total, that's a duo not a group.) Group experiences can be incredibly fun and definitely intense. I will work with you to determine what type of experience you are seeking as well as your boundaries and desires. I will also give you info on the men who are available for the date and time of your experience to allow you to choose who you want to include.

I take all of that information, gather the men and create an experience for you from that. I manage the experience from end to end so all you have to do is show up and enjoy. These experiences are private but can be, if requested, recorded and distributed on our marketing platforms or made into a video memory for just you. Be sure to check out the "Video" page for details on that extra add-on.

For group experiences, there is upfront planning and work involved in creating the experience as well as managing the experience while it's happening.

A 200 deposit is required to setup group scenes:

  • This includes a 50 flat fee added for the planning time 

  • This includes a security deposit of $150 to secure the space and the men.

  • The security deposit is fully refunded with more than 48 hours notice prior to the appointment if you have to cancel otherwise the deposit will be applied to your final amount due at the end of the session.

Group Rates:  

        Michael      - 300/hour 

        Extra guys  - 200/hour each

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Michael and The Goddess GG Flowers offer you time with two Daddies who are here to help you explore your fantasies. We proudly offer "Daddies Doggie Daycare" for those into pup play. Or perhaps you just want to be of service to us. We're here for that as well. Drop Michael a line to get these sexy, fun duos scheduled.

GG Flowers: Personal website and Twitter

Duo Rates:  

        1 hour       $700

     90 minutes  $1000

       2 hours      $1400

   150 minutes  $1750

       3 hours      $2100

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Michael and Sir Dion X offer you time with two Daddies who are here to put you in your place. If you are seeking more intense sessions or perhaps want to explore time with an older and younger Daddy, we are your team. Worship sessions and total submission sessions are available. Drop Michael a line to get these powerful and intense duos scheduled.

Sir Dion X: Personal Website and Twitter

Duo Rates:  

        1 hour       $600

     90 minutes  $900

       2 hours      $1200

   150 minutes  $1500

       3 hours      $1800



When you're ready to really step up your experience, our trio offering is the one for you. Michael, Sir Dion X and GG Flowers offer you time with three Daddies. There are so many options available here for those seeking to serve and surrender. With this trio you get a little bit of everything from your fantasy list. Drop Michael a line to get these sexy and powerful trios scheduled.

Trio Rates:  

        1 hour       $900

     90 minutes  $1350

       2 hours      $1800

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