We are pleased to offer any of our sessions along with our scene partners. You can book appointments with Michael DeCrow or David Hunter separately or as a duo. We also have several other male assistants who can be players in the scene. Tell us what you want and we'll see if we can make it happen. The rates may change based upon what type of experience you are seeking.

Please note that the list of duo partners will change from time to time. Due to COVID many of our usual duo partners are either on hiatus or not doing group scenes. Michael and David are in a "Pandemic Pod" so we'll always be available together.

Duo Rates:  

        1 hour       $350

     90 minutes  $525

       2 hours      $700

   150 minutes  $875

       3 hours      $1050


Group experiences can be incredibly fun and definitely intense. We will work with you to determine what type of experience you are seeking as well as your boundaries and desires. We will also give you info on the men who are available for the date and time of your experience to allow you to choose who you want to include. We take all of that information, gather the men and create an experience for you from that. We manage the experience from end to end so all you have to do is show up and enjoy. These experiences can be private, video taped and sold, or made into a video memory for just you. Be sure to check out the "Video" page for details on that extra add-on.

For group experiences, there is upfront planning and work involved in creating the experience. As such there is an additional 50 flat fee added for the planning time. A deposit of $200 is required to secure the space and the men. 150 of that is fully refundable with 72 or more hours notice. The other 50 is for the planning time. The deposit will be applied to your final amount due at the end of the session.

These rates are based upon either Michael DeCrow or David Hunter acting as the provider.

Provider + 2 additional males = 450/hr + $50

Provider + 3 additional males = 500/hr + $50

Provider + 4 additional males = 625/hr + $50

Provider + 5 additional males = 750/hr + $50

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