In the early part of 2019, we began creating porn clips to sell on clip sites. These scenes come from a variety of sources. Some are of Michael or David solo, David and Michael together, and some with our buddies making hot scenes. We try to have a wide variety but the majority are kink/group based scenes.

If you want to be in a clip with either of us, drop us a line at the email below and let's discuss options. Depending upon your desires, we'll give you rates for making this happen. We can make the video specifically for only you, or take it and post it on our clips sites for sale with your permission. Your identity can be concealed (if desired) in the final clip that gets posted to the sites.

We currently offer an online subscription service at JustFor.Fans/MichaelDeCrow and JustFor.Fans/David_HunterXXX. You can subscribe on that site and get all the goodies that we post. Just click the "SUBSCRIBE" button below to go to that site. This will include extended previews, sections of the complete clip as well as behind the scenes clips and special subscriber only posts. You can also purchase individual clips directly from our stores without a monthly subscription on that site.

We also create custom videos. These clips are created specifically for you with your desires in mind. If there is something you want to see from us, we're happy to create that for you. Information on rates and available options can be found at JustFor.Fans by clicking the "CUSTOM" button below. You can also drop us a line at the email below with your specific desires for a video and we'll get you a quote.

We also sell clips directly from On this site you can purchase individual clips of full scenes made specifically for that site, or the full scene. Using this option will get you the clip immediately for download and viewing.

Finally, you can download the clips directly from us at a slightly reduced rate from the sites. We only offer the full scene for direct purchase. Click on the "DIRECT PURCHASE" button for more info. You can get the full "directors cut" version of clips from us with any scenes the purchase sites don't allow. This method saves you some money but takes a bit longer as it is a manual process that we operate based upon your order.