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The minimum session length I offer is 90 minutes for $450. You are welcome to combine the session offerings below to create a longer session, tailored to your desires and boundaries. Relax into the experience and enjoy it while feeling safe and seen.

To hold the appointment, I require a deposit of $100. If you need to cancel with at least 48 hours' notice, your deposit will be fully refunded. For my security, I also request a photo of yourself and a phone number to contact you. 

To start booking a session, please email me at the address below. All intake is done via email only.

Please note that same-day appointments are not available for first-time clients.

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This session is the highlight of all my offerings. With a duration of 4 - 6 hours, we have ample time to enjoy each other's company and create an amazing experience together. You get to choose the activities that we'll engage in during our time together. You can mix and match any of the sessions listed below, or we can simply hang out and see where our desires lead us. Perhaps you have a fantasy that you'd like to bring to life. This session is perfect for exploring that type of sensual play.


If you are interested in using cannabis, we can start this session by ingesting some edibles. This will allow enough time for the effects to take place without the need to operate heavy machinery. Since edibles are legal here, I am delighted to be able to include them as part of my offerings. Additionally, we can use flower for smoking. I have various toys available exclusively for these sessions to make them playful and enjoyable.

Current rate   $1000 for 4 hours

                             $1500 for 6 hours


This session is focused on stimulation and relaxation through erotic bodywork. The goal is to relax your entire body and arouse your energy. Using warm oil on a heated table, I will press, squeeze, stretch, and stimulate all the muscles in your body. Unlike LMP work, my focus is on raising your arousal level and getting your erotic energy flowing. To achieve this, I use Taoist-based techniques such as cock massage, anal massage, and prostate massage, along with bodywork and breathwork that I will demonstrate. As a Reiki Master, I will also provide Reiki throughout your session. Please note that I am a non-licensed bodyworker and not an LMP. All work is done with both the client and practitioner nude (although I can remain partially or fully clothed if you prefer) and includes full-body erotic contact.

Current rate $450 for 90 minutes

                           $600 for 2 hours

                           $900 for 3 hours

                           $1000 for 4 hours


The anus has the highest concentration of nerve endings in the entire body, making it highly sensitive to touch and stimulation. This means that the anus is literally wired for pleasure.

To enhance your enjoyment of anal play, I have provided some information on douching that you may find useful.

I offer three levels of anal play sessions. Please be aware of your limits and abilities when requesting one of these sessions. Attempting to master something that you are only barely proficient in could lead to pain and frustration for both parties involved.


The Basics session is designed for individuals who are new to assplay or have minimal experience. During this session, we will cover the fundamentals of assplay, including techniques that I have developed over years of experience to help you relax and enjoy your body. We will engage in a lot of discussion and hands-on work using a variety of positions, shapes, and sizes of toys to help you discover what works best for your body.



If you're already familiar with the pleasure that anal play can bring and want to take your exploration or experience to the next level, this session is for you. We won't cover the basics, but we will help you experience larger toys, strap-on (harness) play, various positions, and different equipment in the playspace.


This session is intended for those who are very comfortable with anal play. Together, we will discuss your objectives and work towards achieving them. Whether you are interested in exploring ass stretching, taking larger or longer toys, double penetration, fisting, prostate milking, or extended anal play sessions, I can assist you in achieving your goals. Of course, you don't have to want all of those things, but they provide you with an idea of what this session offers.

Current rate $450 for 90 minutes

                                     $600 for 2 hours

                                 $900 for 3 hours

                                 $1000 for 4 hours


During this experience, I will use techniques from the Body Electric school, as well as my personal adaptations developed over the years, to stimulate your cock. I will also teach you some edging techniques that you can practice at home to increase your masturbatory pleasure and learn ejaculation control. This is a powerful experience and a great way to begin your journey into learning to be multi-orgasmic. Learning to recognize and control your ejaculation is key to achieving that goal. Plus, it's just a lot of fun for both of us.

Current rate $450 for 90 minutes

                           $600 for 2 hours


During the session, I will place headphones on you, blindfold you, and restrain your arms and legs. This will leave you restrained but exposed to me. Once you are settled, I will use various toys, vibrations, sensations, and textures, as well as different parts of my body to stimulate your body, including your cock and balls (and ass if you choose). Using a communication system that I will explain, I will stimulate and edge you, as well as control your orgasm throughout the session.

By depriving you of your sight, hearing, and freedom of movement, your awareness of sensations will be heightened, which is great for cock play. Clients who have experienced this session have loved it, and some have even had out-of-body experiences.

Please note that this session is not recommended for someone new to my practice due to the trust involved in being restrained and having your senses blocked. However, the choice is ultimately yours. I assure you that I mean you no harm, but trust is built through experience, not just words.


Current rate $450 for 90 minutes

                           $600 for 2 hours


Manscaping is a process that grooms body hair on men. I have been doing it personally for years and have done it professionally for countless men. We will discuss your desired look and I will manage the grooming process from there. I offer all levels of grooming, from full shaves of any body part to trims and touchups for a more cared-for and managed look.

I also offer waxing services using hard wax for areas from the neck down. If you want to get rid of hair in certain places, I can help you with that. However, please be aware that waxing takes longer due to the process, and because of the risk of post-waxing infection, I cannot combine this with any other type of play beyond edging. Or the waxing will need to be the final activity of a longer session. 

Most shaves can be completed in under 90 minutes. If there is any remaining time in the session, it will be used for an edging session.

Current rate $450 for 90 minutes

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