In light of the current COVID situation, we're now offering our time as an outdoor companion. We've lived in the Pacific Northwest for many years. Michael has gone hiking for almost every week of that time. We also love introducing others to the scenic outdoor beauty our area has to offer.


Let us take you to a hike that meets yours needs and spend some time with you in nature. We can do most any short day hike at any difficulty level so we can match your needs in this area. We can do anything you like from a walk in the park where we might sit out a picnic and enjoy some sun, to a trek around Discovery Park or Point Defiance, to climbing Rattlesnake Ridge or up part of Mt. Rainier.

Let's chat and let us take you out for some good clean fun.

Solo Rate: $200/hr

                   $500 - 4 hour hike

                   $900 - 8 hour hike

Duo Rate: $300/hr

                   $600   - 4 hour hike

                   $1000 - 8 hour hike



In light of the current COVID situation, the above session is the only escort style session that we are offering. We do this because we will be outdoors and depending upon the hike and/or destination, fully clothed. We are open to discussions about any type of outdoor escort work. Contact us with questions or ideas.