The events held at the Crow's Nest Escape are all listed below. Click on the event name to see additional details on the event.



These events happen each month on 2nd Saturday of the month. Doors open at 1:30. Event begins promptly at 2. Click on the event name to view more details on the event.

Men's Erotic Touch    : August 2017

Men's BDSM            : September 2017

Men's Conscious Play : October 2017

Men's Tantra            : November 2017

Men's Erotic Touch    : December 2017

Men's BDSM            : January 2018

Men's Conscious Play : February 2018

Chill lounge (details soon)  : March 2018




These workshops happen only on the specific date listed. These are workshops that are focused on a single topic or theme. Unless otherwise noted, there are no prerequisits to attend any event listed.

No workshops currently scheduled



These classes are a series of on-going classes. You must start at the first class to attend the series. Generally speaking, the series will repeat througout the year.

No series currently scheduled


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